Working It Out: Home Edition


While I study for my boards, I’ve been hell bent on NOT sitting on my bum for the roughly 8 hours I do spend per day with my nose in those books. The frugal girl inside me (who is loud and stubborn and refuses to be ignored) cannot, and has never been able to commit to getting a gym membership. At least not right now, though there are some great options emerging where I live, and it’s not costing what it used to just visit the gym let alone have a trainer. She might be able to be convinced one day soon.

But for now, every workout that I do is at home. And I’ve cycled through many different variations of the home workout. Workout vids, Pinterest inspiration (biggest contributer), video games (Just Dance is my jam) and youtube videos for yoga and kickboxing, etc. It all works to keep me moving which is all that really matters. If you want to do some specific type of training or be able to build muscle, then I suggest getting proper training. But if you want to just be active, maybe lose a few pounds (with consistency) then this is the post for you! I’ve recently found the Popsicle Stick Workout on Pinterest. Here is the post I pinned from.


In summary, you just get a bunch of popsicle sticks, paint them in different colours to represent different categories of workouts and then write on each stick a different workout that corresponds to the colour category (use a metallic pen for dark paint colours) and then pick one of each colour for every workout to have a complete and well rounded session! And if you want, you can take it to the gym as well, you can add or subtract if you do get bored or want to take yourself to new levels and you can streamline your workouts by picking only the colours you want to target. You can even do everything more than once (like once you get through all the colours, maybe do 3-5 sets). Some examples:

Core- Blue: 10 crunches

Legs- Purple: 15 calf raises

Arms- Red: 10 triceps dips

I recommend writing everything out on paper first so you can see the range of movement you will have. You can also have more than 6 colors to choose from if you want to take it there, this is just what works for me. The perfect way to keep things mixed up and fresh. You won’t get bored and you can make sure that you work out every part of your body. I’ve found it works beautifully. And when you’re done, you’re really done.

I’ve become accustomed to giving an hour in my morning to my workout. It doesn’t need to be that long and it doesn’t have to be every day, but I have grown to love a good workout and I love it almost every day. I credit the
endorphins. Love that amazing feeling after working up a sweat and knowing..

I did it!

Yeah. Love that. Didn’t start out that way, I used to be super lazy when it comes to workouts and exercise. This was me…

 Truth. No lie. But once you start. It can become an addiction. And this is one which is definitely beneficial. All we really need is about 20 minutes. 3x a week. And you can even work up to that. Just get moving and you won’t be able to stop!


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