5 Things To Do Tonight For An Easier Morning

I’ve always been on the fence about whether I’m a morning person or not.

I could never decide. Honestly, I have quite a few traits of a morning person. I appreciate mornings a great deal. I love watching the sunrise, all the colors (yes, I sometimes get up THAT early). I love how crisp a morning usually is, hot summer weather or no. And I love doing my yoga and my favourite meal of the day, 100% BREAKFAST! YES. I love doing my little beauty routine if I’m going out for the day, or getting things checked off my to-do list if I’ll be home. I usually feel motivated because there is  so much time left in the day.

I just feel like I can do anything when it’s all early. I usually have a ton done and dealt with when some people in my house are just waking up. And few things feel as good as feeling accomplished before 8am.

Weekends are the best. I don’t usually like missing the mornings even on the weekends because I have all this time to get my  chill on.

I have this glass half full mentality with mornings. Which is good. It’s great, it’s all good. But my issue falls on actually WAKING UP.

Can I still be classified as a morning person??

Do I still qualify?

I’m not sure.

Most mornings a wake up before my alarm, but when I don’t…

I fight with the snooze button. Because I know I shouldn’t press it. And my whole possibility of feeling accomplished by 8am hinges on if I give in and decide to sleep for just a minute more. If I press that button, I’m pretty much doomed. But if I suck it up and get up, within the next 10 minutes, morning me is in full effect.

I’ve found that some things help me decide to get up and get moving if I do it the night before. Here are a few of them:

1. Plan a nice breakfast. If I think about this the night before, I always get excited to wake up the following morning, sometimes I’ll even do prep the night before. Food is always a motivation for people in general. I always want to go to a function just a little bit more if I know there’s going to be food. Lol, I know I’m not the only one! Make your mornings like an event in your head. An event that you can wear your pjs to, even better. Plan out what you’ll eat, get excited.

2. Have a cup of tea. Have some chamomile tea, it relaxes you and can set the mood for you to fall asleep easier. Having a good rest the night before can make you less tempted to hit that snooze button.

3. Do some Yoga or light stretching. Again. Anything to help you get to sleep faster is a stroke in favor of you waking up rested. Nothing strenuous. Focus on getting relaxed and getting rid of anxiety. This is the key to success in the sleep department.

4. Turn off all your devices at least 30 minutes before sleep time. Wind down. Put away all that busy work and get into a bedtime routine. When you do this for a while, your body gets used to the notion and it knows that it’s time to get to sleep.

5. Plan for your morning ahead. Do you like to hit the gym? Pack your workout bag the night before. Have trouble finding what to wear? Have a try on session the night before. Lay everything out. Less hassle in the morning gets rid of that excuse that  there’s too much to do, not enough time…who cares if I sleep more, gonna be a crazy morning anyway. NO. It won’t be crazy, because you planned for it and the hard stuff was done last night. 🙂

Do you have any night time rituals that make your mornings smoother?


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