Confidence 101

In honor of International Women’s Day, I wanted to post about something that could help business women now and in the future to get further a head.


I’m talking confidence.

Being confident in your abilities is one of the best resources you have readily available to give you that extra push, to get you further in your career. But it’s not only beneficial in careers. It’s beneficial in life in general. In school, in relationships in almost everything the saying

“Confidence is key.”

Can be applied to yield best results.

It can be hard to be confident and show it in a world that unfortunately still has the audacity to tell women “No.” just because of the fact that they are women. We have come a long way, but the world is far from perfect and building your confidence can help you have an answer for every “no” you hear that you do not believe is warranted. Let your voice be heard. Go hard for your dreams. Pursue your passions. Have ambition and do not ever apologize for it. Don’t let anyone tell you your own boundaries.

Have Confidence.

  • Tell yourself you are awesome. It sounds horribly cliche to stand in the mirror and speak to yourself, but this actually makes a difference. Self affirmation is important. If you don’t believe in yourself, why should anyone else? Have confidence in your confidence.
  • Take yourself out of your comfort zone. This could be hard for a lot of people, but growth comes from change and resistance. Challenging yourself to doing something that you are not used to will do so much more than just make you slightly uncomfortable. You’ll perhaps find that you’re more resourceful and stronger than you thought.
  • Don’t hold on to negativity. This includes both situations and people. Life will throw all kinds of less than ideal things your way. Deal with them, and keep it moving. 
  • Practice Communication. Don’t be afraid to speak up and let your opinions or ideas be heard. Don’t let resistance or criticism deter you. Take it all in stride and use it to make yourself better instead of letting it get in your head in a negative way. 
  • Dress for success. I was always told to dress for the kind of job I want. Looking well put together kind invariably help you feel well put together. This is less about fashion and more about how you feel. If you look amazing, you’ll more than likely feel that way too, and to me, that will definitely translate to confidence on the outside.

  • Take care of yourself. Eat properly, get some exercise, have some leisure time. How you feel physically can affect your mental status.
  • Be in the know. Do your homework. Know what you’re walking into, try to always have your facts straight. Preparing for a presentation, or have a big meeting? Know your stuff inside and out so you’re not caught unawares. Come prepared.
  • Body language matters. It shows a lot about how confident you are. Walk tall, don’t slouch, sit straight. Have a good firm handshake and smile (no resting b**** face here!). It goes a long way with how people see and treat you. Look the part. Try to look open (don’t cross your arms) and try to keep away from nervous habits like playing with your hair, etc. The little things make a big difference.

Just do your best and put your best forward. And with confidence, faking it till you make it can also help you build up as well. My confidence isn’t perfect, I’m still working on it. But I’m okay with that for sure, and definitely open to getting better at it in the future. Are there any confidence boosters that work for you? Feel free to comment below!

Happy International Women’s Day!


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