Shawty! 6 Ways to Appear Taller

I have never been a tall girl. I always sat in the front row for school pictures. Highest I ever made it was the middle row. My younger siblings are bigger than me and I had to learn how to hem if I was ever going to wear anything floor length without ending up paying out of pocket (would be super expensive by now!)

I’m a shorty. I’m not the shortest girl I know. But I’m definitely below average.

I know.

I used to hate that fact.


I’ve come to embrace my height as I got older. My best friend always said she sometimes feels like a giant in heels that are really high so she would decide not to go with heels at times. I never had that problem. And I love my heels. It would hurt me to give that up for any reason. Even if they physically hurt sometimes. Haha. So I guess there’s a plus to being a bit on the miniature side.

Also. I learned how to dress myself so I don’t look too small. Dress for my body type. There are ways to elongate your body and make you look statuesque. If you’re already blessed with some height, that’s fabulous. Go there, girl. But if you’re like me, these are some ways to help you appear taller.

2. Match your shoes to your bottoms. Maybe you don’t want to wear nude shoes every day. And a good black shoe is a staple in any wardrobe. You can also just match your shoes to your bottoms so you get that continuous effect.1. Nude Shoes. Find some shoes that are a close match to your skin tone. It makes it look like your legs go on forever. A lot of the tips lie in making legs look long, and this is a great way to do that. We will be focusing on things that make you look continuous instead of cutting you off. A shoe of any stark, non neutral color can visually cut your legs off where they begin. Nude shoes do a great job of avoiding that.

3. High waisted bottoms. They can be shorts, a skirt or pants, doesn’t really matter. If it starts at or above your waist, it makes you look longer.

4. Choose cropped tops. I don’t only mean those cute tops that show your midriff. Blazers, sweaters, whatever. Keep it short and close to your frame on top. If you need to, tuck in the shirt. Doing this will help to avoid you looking like your drowning in your clothes which I promise will make you look even more petite. Keeping it close to your figure and at an appropriate length on top will give your legs the chance to be the focal point.

5. Vertical lines. If you have some pattern on your bottoms try to make sure it doesn’t go horizontally. Having vertical lines or stripes automatically makes you look longer. Pleats do the same thing. Love a good, crisp pleat.

6. Go long, or keep it short.  Avoid mid calf skirts and dresses.

These are just guidelines to maybe follow, they are not the be all to end all, and they don’t have to apply to everyone. Of course, fashion is about doing what you like and what makes you feel good when you walk out the door.


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