8 Ways To Become The Master of Time Management

Monday is here again and I’m back with some motivation for the coming week.

Have trouble with time management? I know I do.

Being a medical student, I know that if you don’t have your act together, life can be rough and put you through the ringer.

I know this, and I still struggle.

But I do my best to be organized and manage my time appropriately. And all we can hope for is our best, right?


And over the years, I’ve definitely improved my time management. I can honestly say, I had two options. Either progress or make excuses for why I’m not on track to where I need to be.

University student, entrepreneur, grad school student, anything you’re doing for your future right now. If you need a little push forward, this post is for you!

Here’s what I’ve got so far!

  • Set your priorities in order. Know what’s most important and handle it accordingly. Figure out how much time a task is worth and don’t give it any extra time if you don’t have it to give. This keeps you moving forward. 

  • Go in the order of urgency and/or difficulty. Doing these things first and foremost and as early as possible in your day ensures that you don’t fall behind. And also, having the worst, most difficult and time sensitive things done gives you motivation to get other stuff done. You’ll feel more at ease having these done first.
  • Write down EVERYTHING. So you won’t forget something important. Even if it’s not all important things, having this kind of structure will allow you to manage all you need to do and get it done too. In a timely manner 🙂 Get yourself a great planner. So you can see everything in plain writing. Even if it’s just a to-do list. Write. It. Down.
  • Set short term goals that lead to your long-term goals. Then smash them. 🙂  Wherever you can, break up your “big stuff” into little goals. They are much easier to handle and when you get them done, it makes you feel good. On to the next. Done with that one. And suddenly, the big stuff seems much more manageable. A lot of this is about self motivation to get stuff done and this is one way to give yourself that gift.

  • Be organized. Whatever this means to you, be your own type of organized. I know some people who are not your conventional organized, type A person, but that’s but they get their stuff done. I personally think they’re so busy keeping their mind organized that everything outside can tend to get messy. I’m on the other side of that. I need my surroundings super tidy and all my ducks in neat rows. Or else, I forget things. Be your own type of organized.
  • Think of your time as valuable. Don’t waste it. Don’t let other people waste it. Treat your time as valuable and you’ll spend it doing what’s important. Ever notice how we say “Spend time”. It’s actually a type a currency. Treat it as such. 
  • Learn how to multitask. If you have not already, learn this skill. It’s so useful for getting the most out of your time.
  • Delegate. If you need something done and you just can’t get to it and you know it, get someone else to do it. Whether you’re in a group project and need to take lead to make sure everything gets done, or you need to hire someone to do a job on your to-do list, being efficient sometimes calls for not doing it yourself. Delegate and relieve yourself from some burden.

With these tips you can definitely get through this week on a high note. Once you’re able to manage your time and you have it down pat, you should find that things go smoother on all levels. Good Luck!


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