Makeup For Glasses

This is a tutorial for all who wear glasses and are not quite sure how to keep your makeup in place and/or make your eyes pop still.

You know what I mean.

That cakey business that can sometimes happen to your foundation where your glasses rest on your cheeks or nose.

How some frames can make your eyes seem to disappear.

I’ll give some pointers on how to remedy these issues. This is even good for if you wear sunglasses and run into some makeup problems, so even if you don’t have a prescription, this could help you too!

Here is the break down:

Tips for Your FACE MAKEUP:

The face makeup tips go well for if you’ll be wearing sunglasses during the day, so this is for both if you’re in prescription lenses or sunglasses

for your base makeup:

– Use a primer! Biggest, hugest important thing ever. Concentrate in the areas where the glasses will sit. Love the Benefit Pore fessional pro balm

– If you’re comfortable with it, don’t go for foundation. Maybe try a BB Cream. I love the Maybelline Dream Fresh BB. Fabulous stuff, really lightweight but it does offer a bit of coverage. I go for this on days when I don’t want to go for a full face of foundation, which is honestly most days. I use it in the shade Deep.

– Go light on the foundation. To prevent cakeyness, you want to just keep it all very thin. As thin as possible in the area where your glasses rest.

– Use a setting powder. MAC Studio Fix works for me. But really almost any setting powder will do.

– If you’re oily, use an Oil Mattifier like this one from Mary Kay on the bridge of your nose and anywhere else you get oily. Use it sparingly, less is more. Also another alternative: pop some of your eyeshadow primer where your glasses will sit. My top pick for this of course, Urban Decay Primer Potion.  Stuff is literal magic in a purple tube.

– Fill in the brows. Shape them if you must and make sure they stand out. They are more important now than ever as your eyes are somewhat covered. Brows must be on point.

for the eye makeup:

The thing is to make sure your eyes look bigger. My eyes are quite large already, however, I still keep these tips in mind when I wear my glasses and I’m wearing makeup. To do this, you don’t have to go heavy on the eye shadow. You can if you want to, but try to always incorporate these tips.

– Use a lighter colour on the inner corners of the eye. It doesn’t have to be a shimmery colour, just as long as it’s light. If you want you can also place that colour on your brow bone to highlight. I tend to stick with neutrals. I like the ones you can get in the BH Cosmetics Neutral Eyes 28 Color Eyeshadow Palette.


– Add liner to the base of your top lashes. This doesn’t have to be winged, although I love a good wing. All you want to do is make your lashes stand out. If possible, I would avoid using a dark colour on the bottom lash line as this can make your eyes look smaller.

– Load up on mascara; top and bottom lashes. Personally, I don’t like falsies with glasses because it’s beyond annoying when they hit the rim or the lens

– In addition to that, add a white (or flesh toned to be more understated and natural) eyeliner on the water line to make your eyes pop

These things can help make sure your eyes don’t disappear when you wear your glasses, especially if they’re big frames which are really trendy right now. So don’t feel too restricted if you happen to need glasses (or just love to don those sunnies). No matter what, your makeup can still look on point!


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