6 Sneaky Ways to Get a Workout In

School has started for most people by now. College, University, Gradschool.

Everyone has returned to work from the long holiday weekend and for most people it’s back to life.

Back to reality.

And that means being so busy. Busy with classes, deadlines, work meetings and life in general. This can of course throw you off your game.

Your eat healthy game.

Your stay on top of schedule game.

Your workout game can suffer the most sometimes. Let’s face the sad truth, people.

Summer is pretty much over. Maybe the hot weather may continue, but the care free summer days are pretty much done for. Bring in the fall.

I’m not mad about it. Busy body people like myself might enjoy having purpose again instead of having so little structure. I love autumn, and everything that comes with it. I love school, and work. But that’s just me, I digress. As I was saying, summer time is winding down and therefore summer bodies are probably not going to be displayed as often and so what’s really the rush to get to the gym or go for that run when there’s so many other things that need attention right now?

This is just how my mind works, I’m trying to keep away from that mentality, so I’ve compiled a few ways to get in a little movement to tide me over and keep it moving until I can get the full workout in.

1. Calf raises while you wait. My sister pointed out that today while she was waiting in the ridiculously long line in her campus bookstore, she was so bored (and annoyed). She said she could have done a quick workout with how long it took, so this is courtesy of her (thank you, boo!). She mentioned that calf raises are a simple thing to do in lines while you wait. At the bookstore. In line at starbucks. Anywhere you have to stand for a while. Try it out!
2. Use the gym at school or work. I never did this in college. Or at any of my jobs. But a lot of us out there are paying for a gym membership and never use it. Maybe you have a gym out there you like better, however, just using the one you have where you work or study can save you time (and money).
3. Take public transportation. Okay, hear me out! I know some people do this regularly, if so good for you boo! You’re a head of the game. This tip is courtesy of my aunt V. She had to get her car fixed, can’t remember why, but she was basically taking the bus/subway to work everyday and she mentioned that she got a workout everyday that she was missing out on by driving her car everywhere. The walking, the running, the step climbing, the standing. It doesn’t sound so great, but if you look at it from another angle, that is an A1 workout, babe. Maybe once or twice a week if you love your car game better than walking or morning hustling with the masses…give it a try if you like.
4. Get it out of the way. Wake up, work out. Do a quick 10, 20 or 30 minute workout, before your body even knows whats going on and tries to resist. And just like that it’s out of the way and you got it for the day. The rest of your day can be as busy as it wants, because guess what? You already got your workout in.
5. Park far. Maybe there’s no way in heaven that you are going to get on the bus everyday to school or work. Maybe it’s too far. Maybe buses don’t run very quickly where you are, or you’d have to wake up way too early. No worries. Park far from the door and take a little walk, or jog to get there. Give yourself plenty of time to be on time, and don’t do it at night if it’s not safe or you don’t have someone to walk with.
6. Bedtime yoga. Get a little yoga flow going on before bed. It’s so easy and helps you relax to get a good night’s rest. It doesn’t have to be bedtime yoga though. You can do your full workout if you’re not super tired at the end of your day!
Bonus: Take the stairs. I mentioned this in my 5 Ways to Tighten up Your Core post, and it’s a pretty sneaky way to make you work.

Hopefully this helps keep you moving to get and/or maintain the body you want while you’re busy working or studying away the days!


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