That Yoga Type Love: The Inversion Version

So September is national yoga month!

Which I love, as mentioned in my previous post ‘That Yoga Type Love

I’m going to be honest with you guys (as always).

Listen, I still love yoga, a lot. I always will. But my practice has suffered dramatically over the summer. I just haven’t been as consistent as I should be. Not being well lately (see ‘When the (Student) Doctor Becomes the Patient‘), and lots of events this summer prevented me from growing in my progress as I had hoped I would by now.

But nevertheless, I still intend to reach my yoga goals. I’m not in a huge rush anyway, and I’m open to letting my growth happen in it’s own time, however long it may take. I want to share with you guys the little bit of growth that I have achieved, though it’s definitely small, and put the benefits of this certain type of yoga in view.

Maybe you’ll enjoy it, and become open to trying it out as well.

It’s really super fun, and the thrill you get from achieving a pose you couldn’t before is it’s own type of happiness. Accomplishment in one of its finest forms.

I’m talking about Inversion.

Any pose in yoga where you are in a completely (or semi) downward position. That is, your head is below (or close to) your feet. That’s the best way I can think of to describe it.

There are literally tons of inverted poses and variations of said poses, so I can’t possibly name all of them. But I will name you three.

They are not super difficult like some others that I’m still afraid of, but they are some of the few that I can do.

And its probably because I have not been completely consistent. And when you do it like that, your body kind of tries to revert like nope, we do not touch our toes anymore (at least mine does). Yes, but these three I can do. And I will keep on trying to get better, even if it’s a slow process.

Headstand. I think I was born with this ability. I used to do it as kid all the time. So I guess that means I’ve only achieved two of these poses through yoga practice. Haha. But, yes, this one is self-explanatory. It’s a pose where you are upside down with your head on the floor, feet up.

Downward Facing Dog. This is a great one for beginners, pretty easy to do, but a little difficult to perfect (for me). I’m personally still working on getting it right every time. I have to say it has many effects, but for me I find it really calming even though it works my shoulders and arms quite a lot once I do it few times during a yoga session.

Crow Pose. It took a long time for me to get comfortable with this pose. I could do it when I first tried it, but it was still difficult. And I wasn’t even doing it right at first! That came with practice. And it’s still an arm and core workout for me. It’s tough. Coming into it is easy enough, but holding and coming out of the pose was less than graceful. But I did see a lot of improvement with that once my arm balance and strength increased through practice.

I apologize for not having any pictures of myself doing the poses, but I didn’t really have the time to take them. I have borrowed these lovely photos from Laura Kasperzak who I love so much and inspires me SO MUCH, and always takes such beautiful pictures. She really inspired me to even begin practicing yoga a few years ago, I’ve been following her forever, and you should too, she’s amazing. Here is her website and instagram. Also check out

Benefits of Inversion:

Increasing core strength
Improving mood (thanks to that extra blood flow to the head)
Boosts confidence (its an accomplishment to get upside down)
Improves balance
Builds muscles

And of course all the benefits listed in my last post about yoga.

It’s a great way to practice, and I really look forward to being more brave and bold and achieving those more advanced poses and variations! And when I do, I will be sure to make another post about it, with pictures! Does anyone out there know how to do these inversions, or something like them? Maybe you’re more advanced? I’d like to hear about it in the comments!

*Disclaimer: I am not a yoga instructor and this was not an instructional post, it is merely informative. Inversions like other fitness options have the potential to cause injury. Please practice with caution/an instructor who can help you to safely perform these poses and other more advanced inversions. Always listen to your body and practice carefully and with patience. Be safe!


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