Why I Love to Run, and How You Can Love It Too

In high school, I was not the sporty girl. Not at all.

However, a lot of my friends were good at sports and were part of various teams at school. At my school we had a tradition that at the end of the year, there would be an athletic banquet. It was an event that the athletic committee rented a hall for and everything. It was a chance to go over the achievements of our school teams and individuals and recognize them for their work during the year. Not to mention, a chance for the sporty people to show out. It was a semi-formal event, so everyone always did the most.

I wasn’t really good at any sports, so I never joined teams for my first two years of high school. And this event was for athletes only.

I still wanted to go because I heard it was so much fun from my friends who went every year. SO me, being the kind of kid I was, decided to actually go for a team. Crazy. And weird. But I was a teenager, whatever. I did so many things just because.

Someone mentioned at some point to me that there were no tryouts for the track team, and everyone got on the team by coming to practices. I could run…and for a long time (so I thought)easy enough, so I thought. So I joined the track team!

Fast forward to my first track meet.

Honey, I tell you, I came second last (or last, I cant remember) in the 800m race I ran….and I said I’ll never do this again. Because I couldn’t breathe for the next three hours. I was still trying to catch my breath! It was awful. And all my fault because I didn’t do anything to take it seriously. Oh well, lesson learned.

I was never a quitter though! Not even after this embarrassing thing happened. Not like I couldn’t leave and still go to the banquet, but I chose to stay and finish the season out. Yup. Fast forward again to mid season, and I ended up running in a 400m race because they put one of my good friends (who was a sprinter) as the girl for our school and she refused to run it. So I said I would. What could be worse than my first race ;p

People. I won that race. Going to track practices regularly, unknowingly getting some conditioning and running a shorter race made a huge difference. I was actually really good at it. And surprisingly. I fell in love with track. My coach really encouraged me to take it seriously and put the work in and I joined the relay team as well.

I ended up making it to some higher level regionals that year and I finished in fifth place…or something like that. I honestly don’t remember it all that well, but I do have a green ribbon somewhere in my bedroom from that one time I did track and found out I could be good at it.

I was more of a bookworm though and I didn’t ever plan on taking it that far, so I was more focused on school, however, I gained a love for running that has stayed with me up until this day, and will probably be lifelong.

Now that’s the story of why I started running, but I keep running because it helps me stay fit. In a way that comes naturally to me. I say this to say that you should find things you already like to help you in your journey to stay fit. For me it’s running. And I almost didn’t find that out.

You should have three hobbies.

One that lets you be creative.

One that makes you money.

One that keeps you fit.

Then you’ll always have a well rounded life. Here are just some of the perks of using running as a means to stay fit

  • It’s a killer leg workout! Sexy legs are just about 10 minutes a day away from your reach. 
  • Your heart gets a workout to help keep it strong. It’s good cardio.
  • Improves your posture and works out your core.
  • The ‘runner’s high’ is a true thing! And it’s amazing! Endorphins, hello!
  • keeps your joints strong and mobile
  • running can be a form of meditation. something on your mind? go for a run
  • you don’t need any equipment for this workout
  • you can do it, right now. it’s that easy

Now I understand that running is not for everyone. If you find running effective, but just can’t stand it, try these tips!

1. Start small. Just do a little at a time and gradually increase your time and/or distance. Work your way up, this stuff takes practice, just like with my track story. When I had some practice, and shortened my distance, that was the sweet spot for me to fall in love with it.

2. Try to enjoy the moment. Try to forget you hate it, let go of that thought. Start with a clear mind and don’t sabotage the run before you get started. Just try it like that, you might be surprised. The mind is a powerful tool.

3. Breathe deeply and focus on your movement. Feel your movement. Make sure everything on you is loose without tension (shoulders, arms, legs), except for your core. Don’t worry about the movement, your body knows what to do. Just focus on the breath and relax.

4. Get off the treadmill. Go outside, go on a trail. Change up the scenery. 


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