Outfit of the Day- November 3, 2016

So decided to do a quick look of the day. The weather was quite nice actually, with very little wind so this brown gradient turtle neck sweater with short sleeves was a good choice for the weather. I really have a love hate relationship with sweaters that have short sleeves because they do no good for when it’s actually cold outside.

I like them for fall though. I got this one from Dynamite. My skinny jeans are from Forever 21 and I just rolled them up a couple of times to switch up the look a bit. I decided to wear a simple pair of black heels. They are super high and classy with a pointed toe. These ones are from Sirens, but they are really very generic and simple and can probably be found in lots of different stores. The shoes can really dress up an outfit. These shoes made the outfit look a lot more business/dressy, whereas if I had thrown on some sneakers it would have been more casual.

Simple fall day.



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