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I recently purchased some great new products from one website that I am already in love with, and another website that I have never tried before this. I’ll start with the new, and tell you my thoughts so far.

Well, I have to be honest. I hadn’t heard of Artist Couture before one of my favourite YouTube beauty Vloggers, Jackie Aina, announced that she was collaborating with them for the holidays (2016). When I saw her video about what she had created with Aritst Couture, I was honestly floored and immediately thought “I need this.”

I was so elated to give this product a try because she does mention in her video that she created the shade of her product with women of colour (particularly those with deeper skin tones) in mind! And being a woman of colour myself, with a deep skin tone, I was beyond ready to give this a try! It is a highlighter (or as marketed by Artist Couture- a Diamond Glow Powder) that was a limited edition gift set, for the holidays only. Yes, it is sold out, completely, and there was only one restock (by popular demand), however! Before anyone gets too upset as to why I’m even talking about this since it’s no longer available, the set did come with FOUR other, permanent collection diamond glow powders in travel sizes. So I’m reviewing those as well since they are very much available! Here are some swatches!

I am honestly blown away by the glow that comes in those little jars. They are all loose powders, which I feel like I always make a mess with, but you get a lot of product, and they really are all very beautiful. I’m pleased with Jackie’s shade (which was full sized) because it is everything she said it would be. A beautiful, truly rose gold highlight that doesn’t look ashy, or too frosty on darker skin tones! It’s able to be used for highlighting, as eyeshadow or lip topper, on the body, just all over the body, so it’s also great for medium and lighter skin tones!

There are other four shades of highlighter she hand picked, and they compliment her shade as well as flatter a wide range of skin tones. I’m glad they were included because it really does introduce you to their product quite nicely, and I will definitely be buying from them again in the future…when I can justify buying more makeup ­čśŤ (ASAP)

Moving on, from BH Cosmetics, I picked up quite a few products! I’ve talked about BH before. They are just…simply great quality products, and a crazy affordable price point, which adds up to being GREAT value. I have not tried everything off the site, but everything that I have┬átried has been worth my money, and this time seems to be no different!

Gold Rush Eye & Cheek Palette
Nude Blush- 10 Colour Palette
Blushed Neutrals Palette- 26 Colour Eyeshadow & Blush Palette
Carli Bybel- 14 Colour Eyeshadow & Highlighter Palette
V1- Vegan Large Powder Brush
V5- Vegan Blending Brush
V6- Vegan Large Eyeshadow Brush





Each of the palettes aside from the Gold Rush palette were palettes that I always seemed to see as sold out, so I mostly just wanted to get my hands on them for that reason. But the Gold Rush palette happened because it was so beautiful, and it full of colours that would compliment my skin tone, and be great for the winter, as well as the coming spring.

The brushes from BH are also very soft and good quality. I think most of my makeup brushes are actually from this website, and I’ve had a lot of them forever and they are not falling apart or anything. These three brushes I got are synthetic fibers and were relatively new to the site, and they haven’t disappointed me so far!

So that all I got with these two sites. Look out for future beauty looks featuring these products!


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