The White Button Down Blouse


A staple of any good wardrobe is the all important “White Button Down” blouse. Lately I’ve been so focused on having less clothes, that do more. This item of clothing is one of those that fulfill that exact need. It can do pretty much anything . This shirt can take you from daytime business casual, to night time edginess in a flash, and I’m going to show you two ways to style this shirt!

Now let’s talk specs.

When it comes to your button down there a few criteria that should be met. First, the type of fabric is important. For me, I wanted something durable, and also breathable which makes it good for long working days that may turn into an equally long evening or night outing with the girls. It was important for me to make sure that it was cotton, also because I wanted it to have some structure to it. There is just something so clean, and so sharp about a blouse like this one. My shirt is from H&M and cost about $15 on sale, which is not bad for a basic article of clothing that is so versatile and essential. If it was a little more expensive, I still would have got it because you pay once and have the benefits ever after, so it’s definitely worth it.

This shirt is a blend of cotton, polyester and elastane. It’s mostly cotton though, and this makes it very easy to clean, and makes it very durable for everyday wear, even though it’s white.

To style it, I went with two very different looks. A casual look which is very relaxed and an edgy evening look as well.

In the first look I paired the shirt with some dark blue jeans and some white imitation converse. Simple, clean, and casual as ever. Great for school or even work if you dress casually at work!

Shoes- Urban Planet

Shirt- H&M

Jeans- Forever21

Finally, for the evening look, I kept it almost exactly the same as above. I picture making this fashion move at the end of the day if I have to go out somewhere, but don’t have time to do a full change of outfit. All I did was add a faux leather jacket and then switch out the shoes for my favourite black heels. Pop some rouge on the lips, and easy as that, we’re ready for an evening engagement.

Jacket- Urban Planet

Shoes- Sirens

Shirt- H&M

Jeans- Forever21



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