Fenty Beauty Review!

Yes Yes, I was here for it from the moment I heard about it.

Rihanna came out with a makeup line.

I’m not biased though. I will give an honest review of what I love and/or don’t love about the products she came out with. The line came out in early September so I’ve had quite some time to really decide how I feel about the products I purchased. I didn’t get the complete line because honestly, I didn’t feel like everything was a must have. So read on if you’d like to know my thoughts on the products I picked up. Be sure to also check out my youtube video for a demo of each of the products.

In another post, I talked about what products I feel okay splurging on, and what products I don’t feel comfortable with dropping dollars on. If you read that post you know how I feel about high end foundations. I went ahead and splurged on this though, because I really just wanted to see how it would work out on my oily skin. It really seems like (at least for the initial launch) that she focused on complexion products. Which makes sense because Rihanna’s skin always looks flawless and I think as a business move, it’s good. Who wouldn’t pay for products that Rihanna would use? From all the promotions of the line, I really feel like this was geared toward those with oily skin, which also makes sense because Rihanna always looks fresh faced and dewy. However, I’m pretty sure she has oily skin. That natural, involuntary highlight that we oily girls are blessed with.

The products I got were:

Starting with the foundation, I feel like this foundation might be a problem for someone with dry skin. Because it seems to definitely do something with oil control. If you have skin that leans more toward dryness, you might not like this product. But for me, I was pleasantly surprised about the feel of it, and how much coverage it offered and how I didn’t look SO greasy by the end of the day. I decided to give it a go, without concealer, and it covered up all my dark spots with two layers and evened out my skin from the very first layer. And even with two layers, and no setting it with powder, I did not have one crease in the spots that I usually do. It wore well, and you can tell that her focus on getting the complexion done right (and skipping out on eye or lip products initially) really, really paid off. When it comes to application, you have to work quickly, because it does dry down quite fast.

I’m not saying I’m going to start purchasing this for every day wear, because my skin is not close to perfect and I can go through foundation rather quickly, but I’m not mad about spending a little more to have this for special occasions (or a day where I really want to go all out). It’s not replacing my drugstore foundation for everyday wear, but it has definitely earned a place on my “love” list. I also love how accurate the descriptions are for every shade of this foundation online. Buying foundation online can be really risky, even if you know and understand about undertones and shades. But their descriptions are very accurate. I bought it online, and the shade I got was a perfect match. It does not seem to oxidize to me, but it does dry down to the right (slightly darker) shade. Some people mistake this for oxidizing, but it happens right after application, not throughout the day.

It comes in 40 shades guys, you are highly likely to find your shade. And with Sephora, you can always go in and swatch it, and exchange if you need to. I just hope she comes out with the same shades, and formulated for those with dry skin, because it is clearly  meant to keep you matte.

On to the Matchstix Trios. These are matched up shades of matte highlight, contour and shimmer highlight. There are four options for light, medium, tan and deep skin tones. I’m not a big fan of under eye highlight in a stick form, but I gave it a try. I still didn’t really like it to be honest, I just prefer having a more liquid concealer under the eyes because it’s easier to work in and blend out. But it didn’t make me regret getting the trio. It’s definitely quicker and good for on the go, and I am in love with the contour and shimmer highlight. What I love even more is that these are all available to purchase on their own. The matte sticks have 20 shades and the shimmer have 10. So there is a world of choice. I chose to add Sinamon to my collection because though I loved the shade that came in the trio, I also love a highlight with a pink shift!

And speaking of pink highlighters, that brings me to the Killawatt Freestyle Highlighters! They are all gorgeous! I love them all, but I could really only justify getting the darkest shade of pink because I simply don’t have any highlighters in my collection that are similar. They have the most buttery texture and that Moscow Mule shade packs a punch with some chunkier copper coloured glitter in it, while Ginger Binge is a more finely milled and subtle shade. I am in love. Now, I also don’t have anything like TrophyWife or Metal Moon, but those two were really not practical for me at the moment. I’m not sure about the future, but not right now. TrophyWife kind of pulls green on someone with yellow undertones like myself and Metal Moon is clearly for those with more pale skin. Maybe as eyeshadow, but I wouldn’t wear them as highlight.

Finally, the Gloss Bomb Lipgloss. Now, I’m not much of a gloss girl. I prefer my lips matte. However, I love the look and feel of this gloss. There is a lot in it, and the applicator is huge (which I like). It’s not sticky and it wears well through food and drink. It’s quite sheer with a lot of glitz in it, so for people with pigmented lips like myself, you won’t get this pink shade that it looks like in the tube, but you will get shine. It’s hydrating and great for those days when you don’t want to do too much. Oh yes, and it doesn’t hurt that it smells amaaazzing!

All in all, I was impressed with the launch that RiRi put out. She did a great job with Fenty Beauty and I’m pleased with the products I spent my coins on. Tell me if you tried out any of her products and how you like them so far!


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