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Lately I’ve been more and more focused on getting my skin to be the best it can be. When I go to Sephora, I’m starting to look more into the skin care side of beauty. I’m working on d.i.y.s and really actually being consistent with my skin care routine.

I thought I would share some of the products I’ve been loving, and I found that a lot are from GLAMGLOW. So I thought I better do a mini review of what I have. And I say ‘mini review’ because I don’t have their whole line of products, only a few, which are the ones I feel I would benefit the most from. For reference, my skin type is oily and I am currently dealing with hormonal acne and hyper pigmentation. Consequently, my skin care concerns include controlling shine and fading dark marks as well as evening skin tone. I picked up three masks:




FLASHMUD Brightening Treatment

This is said to be a facial in a jar. And I do have to agree. This stuff does wonders for evening out my skin tone and lightening up my dark marks. I was shocked that after only three days (that’s right, I said 3 days!) I saw an improvement. The bottom half of my face has a bit of hyperpigmentation and is generally darker that the rest (especially around my lips. This was the first thing I found improvement in. The instructions state to use the product three days in a row and then after that use it only 2-3 x per week. I thought it was a lot to live up to for a product, but it did come through beautifully. Now, my skin tone is still not the most even, but I did see an improvement, and I’m excited to keep using the product and see how clear and even it can get. So far I’ve already seen clear brightening, some fading of dark spots (much quicker than normal) and even some smoothing of texture in the middle of my face.

“A multi-targeted, multi-sensorial quick results brightening treatment for radiant, youthful-looking skin.”

It’s clearly quite powerful stuff. And it claims to be good for every skin type. It has a scent to it that isn’t too bad, but I don’t particularly like it either. It’s not too overpowering, so I actually don’t mind at all. It’s formulated with some exfoliants that range in size from very tiny to medium sized which allows for varying levels of exfoliation all depending on how much pressure you want to use to apply the product. For me, I like a good exfoliation since my skin isn’t sensitive and needs it quite often. I think it has the potential to be gentle as well if light pressure is used to apply the product.

The thing to remember with this product is to make sure you use a sunscreen with a high SPF to protect and maintain the results you get. I like to use it at nights for this reason, and just be sure to remember that SPF in the morning (which we should be doing everyday regardless).


THIRSTYMUD Hydrating Treatment

Now this mask was a pleasant surprise. Since I have such oily skin, I don’t usually gravitate to masks for hydration (though I DO always moisturize). I know hydration is important no matter what your skin type. Even for those with oily skin, making sure your skin is not thirsty can help to curb oil production. I got this mask as a sample and decided to give it a try. I LOVED it right away. It goes on so smooth and it feels like my skin just drank it up, and surprisingly enough to me, didn’t make me oily at all. Again, I like use this at night so my skin has all night to soak it up. This one of those masks that you can just rub in the excess. So in the morning, your skin will feel brand new, and so bouncy and hydrated. This is also great to take for traveling. Just pop it on at the start of your flight to combat that super drying airplane air.


SUPERMUD Clearing Treatment

This mask is revolutionary. This is the first mask I tried from Glam Glow and I have to say it’s probably going to be a part of my skin care routine forever. This is geared toward clearing up blemishes and shrinking pores and also helps with oiliness. I use it mostly for spot treatments, but it can be used as a complete face mask too. Whenever I get/feel a pimple coming on, I put some of this onto it and 9 times out of 10 it will dry up by the next day. Also, I like to use it in my T-zone for the oiliness and also my pores. This is just a miracle worker and an absolute game changer for every day skin care. I really feel like my decrease in active breakouts is thanks to this little mud mask.


If you want to try any of these masks, you can just walk into any Sephora and ask for a sample. Which is great because these masks come with a pretty heavy price tag if I’m being honest. But I do feel like they really do work very well and have been worth every penny. They do what they claim and I think that if you’re going to spend money on skin care, this is a good middle ground. It’s not the  most  expensive, but it’s also not the most affordable. Overall, I think these products are great since they’ve been doing wonders for my skin.



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